• Powerful Indicators and Filters

    Integrated custom filters to increase winning percentages

    Custom CCI integration, MultiTrend, Key Level Adjustments, and Others

The entire purpose of the Backpack Trader is to learn how to achieve absolute freedom with minimal and efficient trading.  Whether you want to trade from the Siberian Express, your own sofa, or anywhere in between, our strategies and trading methods are designed with that philosophy in mind.  Trade less and live more!

We know if you follow the training and use the strategy as intended you will see the immense value of this unique trading method that we created for you. Thank you for your business. 

Troy Noonan

The Original Backpack Trader and Owner of the Backpack Trader

Backpack Trader Testimonials!

Just a few of the FIVE STAR reviews spontaneously coming from our various members

***** I'm enjoying the latest addition of the Spotlight Power Trader.  


by Rasheed Yekinni



Thanks Troy,

You've been such a big help to me and I really appreciate it.


by Robert Peters

***** Really have benefitted from your systems. I have specialized on forex trading so will be VERY INTERESTED when you perfect the catapult for that


by Stuart Callen





Thanks for the Catapult. I love it. I downloaded it on Ninja and looked back at a lot of days. I was using the Ichimoku Cloud. I sent you charts with the cloud. I replaced the cloud with Catapult and traded with it today. It gets me into trades at just the right time. Of course I have to decide the exit, but I have some rules for that too. I had a fabulous day today trading the MES and just hope it continues


by Jack Smith


The Counter Punch has returned 7K already this month trading one contract to T2 ( I guess) so if I have to just sit there from 8-12 every morning and watch, then so be it.


I am enjoying the ES and YM and have had some great trades and the NQ also looks very good so many thanks.


by William O'Day




Agreed… you do develop killer ways to trade!!! 😊



by Lee Schuch